The It's Innate! Podcast

Episode 9: Nothin' but some long-hair, baldheaded faces (with Charisse Pickron)

February 13th, 2023

This was a fun episode to record with our latest guest, Dr. Charisse Pickron. In the first segment, we talk about politics and, specically, about what a Joe Biden presidency means and what another Donald Trump presidency would mean. Spoiler:We all agree that a second Trump term would be absolutely catastrophic. In the second segment, we talk with Charisse about her work on infant individuation of male and female faces as well as speculate on the processes and mechanisms that support such individuation.


Pickron, C. B., & Cheries, E. W. (2019). Infants’ Individuation of Faces by Gender. Brain sciences, 9(7), 163. Link to paper