The It's Innate! Podcast

Episode 8: Don't judge a wagden by its category label (with Lisa Scott)

February 13th, 2023

In this episode, Candy and Deon talk with Lisa Scott about her work on the role of labels on category learning in young infants, in addition to what the mechanism is that enables labels to exert their influence on category acquisition. Plus, we open the episode by discussing student feedback. Do we disregard all feedback? Do we consider some and ignore others? Do we use feedback to improve future courses? We conclude by asking Lisa about her views on innateness as well as whether her research is relevant to the debate between nativists and empiricists.


Pickron, C. B., Iyer, A., Fava, E., & Scott, L. S. (2018). Learning to individuate: The specificity of labels differentially impacts infant visual attention. Child development, 89(3), 698-710. Link to paper