The It's Innate! Podcast

Episode 4: What's morals got to do with it?

February 13th, 2023

Candy and Deon begin the episode by discussing their respective plans for teaching this fall. Specifically, they discuss whether they'll be teaching fully in person, fully remotely, or some combination of both. Note that since recording this episode, Deon has decided that he'll teach fully remotely—in the episode he was leaning toward a hyflex approach. In second segment, Candy and Deon discuss Kiley Hamlin's classic study on infants' developing sociomoral evaluations as well as a recent replication attempt of the original study by Schlingloff, Csibra, and Tatone (2007). Candy and Deon also discuss whether the data reported in either the original study or replication attempt support the claim that infants possess a "innate moral core" (Hamlin, 2013). And in an episode first Candace and Deon actually disagree about something! Does this spell the end for this nascent podcast?


Hamlin, J. K., Wynn, K., & Bloom, P. (2007). Social evaluation by preverbal infants. Nature, 450(7169), 557-559. Link to paper
Schlingloff, Csibra, & Tatone, D. (2020). Do 15-month-old infants prefer helpers? A replication of Hamlin et al. (2007). Royal Society Open Science, 7(4), 1-7. Link to paper