Episode 12

It's Innate Ep. 12: When empiricists and a nativist meet...


17 September 2021

1 hr 33 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

This was a fun episode to record. In the first segment, Candy and Deon introduce Dr. Elena Luchkina, the podcast's new third co-host, and chat with our guest, Dr. Fransisca Ting, about the transition from remote to in-person learning and teaching. You'll be surprised to find out that we've all had different experiences (who would've guessed?) and that our universities and colleges have taken different approaches (in some cases, at least).

In the second segment, we chat with Dr. Ting about her wonderful chapter on infant morality and the evidence supporting four early-emerging moral principles, among other things. We also go back and forth about whether morality is learned and, if it is learned, how that might be accomplished. Here too it should shock absolutely no one that Deon and Candy argue that it's all learned—Elena might be on Deon's and Candy's side, but she also might not be (yet, at least).

Plus, Fransisca may have converted Deon to nativism much to his chagrin, but Elena and Candy are all for it!


Ting, F., & Baillargeon, R. (under revision). Principle and Concepts in Early Moral Cognition. Link to paper